LinkRank Team
Mohit Lad
Ph.D., CS Department, UCLA.
Jong Han Park
Ph.D., CS Department, UCLA.
Dan Massey
Assistant Professor, CS Department, Colorado State University.
Lixia Zhang
Professor, CS Department, UCLA.
Currently, LinkRank is supported by the DARPA NetPath project and NSF Beyond BGP project. Early designs for the LinkRank toolset started in 2002-2003 as part of the DARPA funded FNIISC project. Analyzing global routing dynamics and diagnosing faults requires tools which can translate multiple gigabytes of BGP logs to comprehensive routing change measures. The basic LinkRank metrics were a first step in this direction. A more comprehensive LinkRank development effort continued under the NSF Beyond BGP which aims to understand the fundamental properties and limitations of the BGP routing infrastructure. The recently funded DARPA NetPath project strives to improve the BGP monitoring infrastructure provided by RouteViews and provide tools such as LinkRank for analyzing the data.
JiaJie Zhu
Ph.D. Student, CS Department, UCLA.
Jonathon Salehpour
M.S. Student, CS Department, UCLA.
Jeffrey Chiang
M.S. Student, CS Department, UCLA.
Yiguo Wu
Worked on adding features to visualization.
Timothy Ma
Worked on the development of the first release version 0.7 as his Masters project at UCLA.
Jason Chen and Stewart Wood
Worked along with Timothy Ma on the intial development of the visualization client at UCLA.
Internet Research Lab
Various members of IRL have provided valuable feedback during the development of LinkRank.
Network Security Group
Various members of CSU Netsec Group have provided valuable feedback during the development of LinkRank and aided with testing.