15 July 2011
LinkRank is no longer maintained and will be put to a hibernating mode as of July 15th 2011. Thank you for using LinkRank.
17 Febrary 2011
Oregon RouteViews data are not available from Feb. 17 to Feb. 23rd 2011
Due to Oregon RouteView outage, BGP data from RouteViews are currently not available from Feb. 17th 2011 to Feb. 23rd 2011. Please use monitors from RIPE RIS for this time period.
10 Febrary 2011
Link-Rank data server migration
Due to data server migration, Link-Rank data will not be available for 2 days from 10th Feb 2011 to 11th Feb 2011.
08 Febrary 2010
Link-Rank data server migration
We are migrating our data repository to a server with a larger storage. During this migration, LinkRank data will not be available. We plan to finish the migration by Feb 19, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience.
11 March 2009
Link-Rank 2.0 Beta is now available
LinkRank 2.0 Beta is now available . Major changes include visualizing BGP routing changes from multiple vantage points including RouteViews and RIPE RIS. Currently, LR data for August 2008 / March 2009 ~ current are available, and the client won't be able to visualize date ranges other than those ranges. We are generating data, and in time, the client should be able to visualize all date ranges from August 2008.
13 September 2008
Link-Rank maintenance
Link-Rank is undergoing maintenance and some features like activity graph generation and data download might not be available. We expect it to be fully operational in 2-3 days.
19 July 2008
Update: Link-Rank 2.0
Link-Rank is undergoing a complete rehaul to work with iBGP data and enable autonomous systems to visualize changes seen by its own BGP routers. The expected release date for LinkRank 2.0 beta is December 20, 2008. The older version of Link-Rank will no longer be supported from December 20, 2008.
10 August 2007
Link-Rank 1.0 now available
Link-Rank version 1.0 is now available .
11 February 2007
Screenshots of Link-Rank 1.0 available
Screenshot of Link-Rank version 1.0 is now available.
Introduction to LinkRank
LinkRank is a tool for visualizing BGP routing changes. This tool can be used by BGP operators to understand routing dynamics as well as by people who want to learn more about BGP. LinkRank summarizes megabytes of BGP updates received from collection points and produces easy to understand graphs indicating the segments of routes affected. LinkRank captures routing dynamics in the form of a Rank-Change graph which shows clearly which AS-AS links have lost routes and which ones have gained routes.

For more information on the LinkRank tool, read the LinkRank Concept page.
Current Activity Highlights
Activity plots provide a visual summary of routing changes over a period of time (7 days on this website). Click here for a quick introduction on LinkRank concepts, how activity plots are constructed and what they mean.
Activity Plots
View activity snapshots for all peers of Oregon.